12 September, 2014

Chevrolet celebrated the National Teddy Bear Day and teamGM Cares Week by donating 48 small and one very large teddy bear to the Sunshine on Wheels program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

Three members of the GM Asset Management team, each of whom is a cancer survivor, delivered the teddy bears to the patients.

The third annual teamGM Cares Week is a national initiative for General Motors' employees to volunteer time and manpower to local non-profits and communities.

"As someone who believes in the power of charity and altruism, as well as one who has been impacted by the effect cancer has had on my family, I am excited to participate in this donation and partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering," said volunteer Sean Graham, Director of Investment Operations for GM Asset Management. "I hope we are providing as much of a benefit to these children and staff as we are receiving by giving back in this small way."


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